The Challenges of Inspecting Trailer Wheels and Tyres

It is not a daunting challenge to understand that your trailer wheels may be wobbly. It is also relatively simple to find out if your tyres are worn out. The real challenges lie in inspecting trailer wheels and tyres when you know they are not alright but you are unable to figure out what has actually gone wrong. There are times when tyres lose air pressure. This may be a seasonal thing. Air pressure does respond differently to heat, cold and humidity. What kind of terrain you are towing the trailer on will also have a bearing. Sudden drops in air pressure are concerning. More concerning is a scenario when you cannot really explain the drop in air pressure. Continue reading “The Challenges of Inspecting Trailer Wheels and Tyres”

Shop for the Most Appropriate Trailer Light Boards

You should always have appropriate, functioning and reliable trailer light boards. They serve the quintessential purpose of safety and they are also a legal prerequisite before you hit the road. It does not matter what type of trailer you have and where you are headed to in the United Kingdom. You will need to adhere to the prevalent regulations and that clearly require number plate, reflectors and lights at the rear. Trailer light boards can serve all these three purposes. You can have lights that can be controlled, the reflectors would work all the time and especially in the dark, you can place your number plate and you may also opt for some additional components if you want. Continue reading “Shop for the Most Appropriate Trailer Light Boards”